December is Farm to Food Bank Month

Contact:  Victoria Dale

(818) xxx-xxxx


The California Association of Food Bank’s (CAFB) Farm to Food Bank program, which partners food growers and shippers across the state with local food banks, has announced that they expect fresh produce donations for this year to top 2011’s.

Over 120 million pounds of fresh produce was distributed to people in need in 2011, and according to Karen DeWitt from CAFB, despite a devastating summer drought, “We’ll still go over last year.”

The December food drive known as Farm to Food Bank is in its second year while the Farm to Family program that it sprang from is in its eleventh year. During the year, CAFB actually plans up to six months ahead to match the needs of the food insecure with the harvest of the growers.

As food bank donations from retailers and manufacturers have dropped dramatically during the economic crisis, Farm to Family steps in to provide nutritious food for people in need as well as allow growers the opportunity to save their extra or imperfect harvest from going to waste. In many cases, the produce is donated; in other cases, CAFB purchases the fruit and vegetables for pennies on the pound.

In 2011, vegetables distributed to food banks included 18.5 million pounds of potatoes, 14.5 million pounds of onions, and 12 million pounds of oranges. As an added benefit, Farm to Family produce is often fresher than what is available in supermarkets because it starts reaching food banks the day after it is picked in the fields.

Additional information is available at the CAFB website at Fact Sheet 11.10.pdf, or contact Karen DeWitt, Food Sourcing and Logistics Manager
(831) 747-7395


California Association of Food Banks
1624 Franklin Street, Suite 722
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-272-4435
Toll Free Number: 866-321-4435
Fax: 510-272-9171

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